Warning: sarcastic race pictures ahead



Is that the Joker?

Ok, dis one not so hard. Click here for the full pic.

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Reader Feedback

No Responses to “wdd#23”

  1. […] wdd#23 By lolnascar Leave a Comment Categories: Uncategorized New one, check it out: wdd#23 […]

  2. IceCream_Guy says:

    I’m taking a guess and I’ll say Jamie Mac.

  3. NOSaholic18 says:

    denneh (green eggs and) ham-lin

  4. lindsey says:


  5. Danielle says:

    David Ragan

  6. Cassie says:

    i think its denny but i really have no idea haha

  7. Mary says:

    That’s got to be Jamie Mac.

  8. kahneiac9 says:

    i’d say ragan, but im not so sure. I hate not being sure.

  9. Johnnyboy says:

    David Ragan #6

  10. abbylette says:

    either Denny Hamlin or maybe even Kevin (HAPPY) Harvick!!!

  11. Candace says:

    uhm..david ragan i think.

  12. Sonny D 43 says:

    ok let me say this: that is one ugly smile lolzz

  13. Steele says:

    it kinda looks like a girl smile.. but there are not girl nascar drivers.. unless your cheating.. but ill say kyle or carl..

  14. Julia says:

    That is DEFINITELY David Ragan.

  15. Plutogirl says:

    The Raganator!

  16. Ian says:

    it’s Sam Hornish Jr.

  17. Steele says:

    k i change my mind.. regan.

  18. Cassie says:

    I thinking now that’s it’s David Ragan

  19. ChasinCheckerz says:

    Two more votes for David Ragan… that is SO not happy’s smile…
    way to talk about a teammate, NOS… green eggs and ham-lin indeed…

  20. RacinFan says:

    matt kenseth

  21. roachc420 says:

    That’s not Happy, the teefs are wrong. Is that lipstick?

  22. Beefy says:

    davo ragano

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